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Updated Safety Procedures

Your Safety is My Top Priority

Keeping my clients and myself safe is my top priority. In addition to practicing the recommended safety precautions in my personal life, I've also implemented many new cleaning protocols in our office, which are in line with, and in some cases surpass NYS recommendations. Please review and let me know if you have any questions or concerns. My goal is for you to feel safe and comfortable
during your visit.



New Protocols

Cleaners have been updated to hospital grade, HEPA filtration has been added to the treatment rooms, and hand sanitizer and masks are available.


Increased Cleaning Procedures Between Sessions

The tables are now covered with a terrafabric that will allow the table to be heated but still be properly disinfected after each person.

The window is opened in between each session to allow fresh air into the room

While the disinfectants are working on the table, surfaces that you may come in contact with are cleaned as well.

The room's linens are all removed and replaced with clean ones after each session.


Staff Covid Testing

I continue Covid testing on a regular basis.


Continued Safety Education

Classes to keep up with the both safety protocols and the ramifications of Covid have been ongoing since May.